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Recommended Procedures to be followed by all club members/registers

when travelling in convoy on public roads.

Your driving ability and courtesy to other road users is a direct reflection upon the Club and its members.

At all times, Road laws are to be adhered to. 

Avoid driving in close convoy on public roads as this causes unnecessary difficulty for other road users to safely pass you.

If a large number of Club members are participating in an activity, it is suggested that:

  • Members stagger their departure time to give some space between cars whilst on the road.

  • For the benefit of participating MGCC members, (to enjoy the ambience of your MGs) always try to keep an MG in sight through the front windscreen and the rear vision mirrors.

  • If members become delayed due to varying road conditions (e.g., traffic lights), cars may wait on the other side of the lights until traffic begins moving to enable the convoy to proceed.

  • On major arterial roads, drive at the speed limit, do not dawdle, as this causes unnecessary frustration to other road users.

  • Never travel with more than three cars in proximity.

  • If there is a need to stop, please ensure that you stop in a safe place and if you do not require assistance, wave your fellow MG members on.

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