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 The Le Mans Award, the most prestigious trophy awarded by the A Register, was introduced in 1986 with a perpetual trophy.


The Award scoring system was updated in 2018 to get back to its original objectives of encouraging use of your MGA, participation in Club activities and competition. The following scoring system is used to determine the Award. All members with the exception of the Register captain are eligible to earn points.


  1. Attending a monthly meeting in your MGA                                                                  1  Point  

  2. Volunteering as an official at Rob Roy                                                                         2  Points  

  3. Competing at Rob Roy in your MGA                                                                            2  Points

  4. Volunteering as an official at Club Competition events                                                2  Points

  5. Competing at Club Competition events in your MGA                                                   2  Points

  6. Volunteering at Sundown (each day)                                                                            2  Points

  7. Attending a National Meeting in your MGA                                                                   6  Points

  8. Attending any Club calendar social event in your MGA                                                1  Point

  9. Attending the Autumn Rally in your MGA                                                                      4  Points

  10. Attending Rob Roy working bee on a Wednesday with your MGA                               1  Point

  11.  Bringing your MGA to the Concours                                                                            3  Points

  12. Monthly bonus point for MGA "selfie" 100 kms from home**                                        1  Point

  13. Competing in Myrniong Sprints, Geelong Revival, etc in your MGA                             2  Points

  14. Double points for run, tour and rally organisers 



  1. You can only score one lot of points for a day’s activity i.e. you don't get extra points for competing at the Nat   Meet.

  2. Item 8 will require some self-assessment unlike the other items where records are available to determine   participants.   Just call, sms or email your attendance to the Captain to make sure it is recorded.

  3. Item 12 will require “selfie” of you and your MGA at a recognisable landmark (we trust you on the date!) Limited   to 1 per month – note 1 applies!

  4. We may make some slight changes to the scoring system if we can see it can be improved, but we will be fair!

  5. Partners accompanying drivers not eligible for points only if officiating     

A description of all the awards and trophies available in the club, and past recipients can be found on the MGCC website

The Honour Board